Get Custom and Hard to Find Gaskets from Gasket King

Gaskets are an essential part of any engine. A seal meant to fill a space between two "joined" objects while under compression, the seals prevent fluids from leaking, maintaining the integrity of the engine and all of its components. Even if a part doesn't fit perfectly with another, any gaps and small imperfections are filled with the correct sized gasket. When it comes to the gaskets in your … [Read more...]

Guide to Rebuilding an Old Motorcycle: Part 3

Last month we finished your bike; or rather you did all by yourself! Perhaps you excitedly drove it around the block or down to get your significant other some of her favorite ice cream, but something still didn’t feel quite right. You may have felt like a total bad boy with that cold hunk of steel vibrating beneath you, knowing that you alone brought life to that otherwise lifeless object, but … [Read more...]

Guide to Rebuilding an Old Motorcycle: Part 2

By now you’ve had about a month to fiddle with that beautiful labor of love in your garage. Remember we talked about the first moment you two saw each other, and how wonderful (and painstaking) the process to completion would be? We told you about the importance of a good manual, and you scoffed but now hopefully understand what we meant. We advised a proper assessment, and reminded you to check … [Read more...]

Guide to Rebuilding an Old Motorcycle: Part 1

You just couldn't help it.  You were driving to work when you saw it, or maybe you were surfing through listings on a local internet resale site when you found your dream bike.  It gleamed with potential, but it was clear from the start that this was going to be a labor of love—with emphasis on labor.  Before you succumb to buyer's regret and sell your dream at a loss, take a look at this basic … [Read more...]

Tips to Staying Safe When You Ride

Riders who love motorsports know that it is the ultimate freedom. When you head out on your bike, the road is yours for the taking—you can plot your way on a GPS or let destiny be your guide.  Before you set out, be sure to take the time to learn what you need to keep the rubber on the road and stay safe out there. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcyclists are now more … [Read more...]

Is Your Bike Ready for 77th Sturgis Black Hills Rally?

When John “Pappy” Hoel and his wife Pearl decided to host a weekend rally of races for the members of their motorcycle club, the Jackpine Gypsies, they didn’t just start a tradition—they changed the face of motorcycling in the United States forever. Originally called the "The Black Hills Motor Classic," the first rally kicked off in the summer of 1938 in what was just a sleepy town in western … [Read more...]

How to Pressure Check a 2-Stroke Engine

When you can't get your vintage two-stroke motorcycle engine running smoothly after checking the ignition timing and carburetion,  it's possible that you have leak.  As the piston rises, it compresses the fuel and air. At the top of the stroke, the spark plug lights the compressed mixture, increasing the pressure and driving the piston downward and rotating the crankshaft.   The rising piston … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Latest Products

Here at Gasket King, we are known for our custom-fabricated,  top-quality composite fiber replacement gaskets for vintage motorcycles, but our goal is to continue to build the largest database of gaskets available to riders, builders, and vintage bike devotees everywhere.   Our latest products include offerings from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.  Whether you Ride Red with Honda, or you Let … [Read more...]

Replacing Motorcycle Gaskets and Seals

Every time you perform regular service or repair on your motorcycle that involves gaskets and seals, be prepared to replace them--even if they look fine.  By installing new engine components with old seals and gaskets, you accelerate the wear of your new parts and jeopardize the integrity of your engine.   To save time and frustration, identify the seals and gaskets you will need to complete the … [Read more...]

Quality Gaskets Make a Difference

When it's time to perform that all-important maintenance on your vintage motorcycle, you know there are places where you simply can't cut corners. Initially, riders may believe that there isn't much difference between one replacement gasket and another, so you choose price over quality, but you'll soon learn there are variations in materials, manufacturing processes, cutting methods and product … [Read more...]

Some of the Most Popular Motorcycle Classics

There are vintage bikes for every type of rider. Whether you're motocross or trail rider, or you open up the engine on the highway, you can find your heart's desire in one of these rides. When it comes to vintage bikes, doesn't get much cooler than Steve McQueen on the low-slung seat of  a Triumph Bonneville.  This iconic bike takes its name from the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where … [Read more...]