Bultaco Motorcycle Gaskets

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Bultaco Motorcycles were built in Spain from 1958 to 1983, and became an instant classic. Francesc “Paco” Bultó founded the iconic brand following his departure from Montesa motorcycles. He built Bultaco around his love for the sport of motorcycling, and a deep passion for road racing. The purchase of production rights in 1998 and announcement of a new model in 2014 have fueled the fire for vintage  Bultaco Motorcycles here in the U.S.

Whether you’ve acquired a Tralla, Metralla, Matador, or the Sherpa T that started it all, Gasket King has gaskets to keep your beloved Bultaco in great shape for years of enjoyment.  Choose from the styles we carry, or have us custom manufacture the perfect gasket for you. Our gaskets are all made from high-quality American materials and carry our guarantee.

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