Hercules Motorcycle Gaskets

Are you looking for replacement Hercules Motorcycle Gaskets?

The Hercules Company was founded in Germany 1886. The first model was little more than a heavy bicycle frame with a small motor, but the brand developed successfully with its own identity.  Hercules underwent several management changes throughout its lifetime, and survived WWII by focusing on basic commuter motorcycles to meet the needs of a post-war market. Over the decades, Hercules powered their motorcycles with engines from numerous suppliers.  Your Hercules could have an engine manufactured by Columbus, Villiers, ZF Sachs, JAP, or Fafnir, or a Wankel rotary engine.

No matter who built your particular engine, Gasket King has the gaskets you need for your vintage Hercules. Choose from our stock, or we can custom fabricate the exact gasket you need to keep your Hercules on the road.  Our gaskets are manufactured to precise measurements from American materials. Each of our top-quality gaskets is made in the U.S., and carries our guarantee.

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