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Shozo Kawasaki originally founded Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 1896 as a shipbuilder and eventually as an aircraft manufacturer. Kawasaki acquired Meguro Motorcycles in 1960, and released their first full-production bike, the 125cc B8, under the Kawasaki name in 1962. To expand into a new market, the American Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation was established in Chicago and rolled out the Samurai and Avenger. With the release of the Mach III 500cc two-stroke, Kawasaki established itself as a brand dedicated to high performance. Development of the incredible Z-series in the 70’s paved the way for powerful sport bikes, cruisers, and off-road machines.

Whether you’re on the highway or the trail, Gasket King has replacement gaskets that keep your Kawasaki running so you can continue to “Let the Good Times Roll.” Choose from any of our stock gaskets, or let us custom manufacture a gasket to your specifications. All of our gaskets are made in the U.S. with high-quality American materials.

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