Important Things To Check Before a Motorcycle Road Trip

Important Things To Check Before a Motorcycle Road Trip
The checklist for going on a long trip can seem endless. From planning the route and where you’re going to sleep along the way, making sure you remember to pack everything you need, including all the snacks you want to enjoy, to what kind of music will you listen to and what the weather is predicted to be while you’re out on the road, your mind is sure to be filled with “what if’s” and “did I remember to get…” All of which are important and necessary to your trip, but you’ve forgotten one thing, your motorcycle. A long trip can put a lot of wear and tear on a small vehicle, which is where there are a few important things you need to check before taking your motorcycle road trip to ensure that you get there and back safe and sound.


It may seem obvious to make sure your brakes are in tiptop shape before heading out for an extended trip, but what many people ignore may just cost you out on the road, especially at high speeds. Checking your brakes means analyzing your brake pads, rotors, fluid, and brake and clutch cables for any kind of indication that they may give out or not work to their fullest capacity. The last thing you or anyone else wants is for you to lose stopping power on the highway. Making sure your pads and rotors are in great condition, your brake and clutch cables are tight and lubed up, and that your fluid is ready for your trip before turning the keys and hitting the open road is crucial to both your safety and the safety of those around you.


Just like any other car or vehicle, your oil and filters should be changed regularly. Low or old oil can wreck havoc on your motor, making a long trip riskier for you and your bike.  If you are planning to go on a trip soon and haven’t changed your oil in a while, it might be best to just make sure it’s all done before you leave rather than after.


Is your trip taking you through steep snowy mountains? Midwestern plains? Is it going to rain a lot? Bad or unpredictable weather can really mess up your tires if they happen to be old, worn, or not properly inflated. Taking the time to make sure your tires can effectively hold you and all your gear throughout your anticipated trip is imperative to your well-being and the well-being of others.


People often forget about their battery until for whatever reason it starts to go bad, but checking your battery before a long motorcycle road trip can effectively prevent you from becoming stranded somewhere. As the weather changes from location to location throughout your trip, it can affect your battery and battery terminals differently. So make sure your voltage is right and there are no issues to ensure a safe trip no matter where you go.


This last minute once over includes the inspection of your chains, sprockets, belts, and driveshaft as well as a basic chassis checks. For your chains, sprockets, belts, and driveshaft, a little bit of specially formulated lube can keep them working like new throughout your entire trip, while reducing risks of wear and tear. A chassis check consists of making sure all the various fasteners on your bike are in the correct position and appropriately tightened. Everyone knows a motorcycle practically vibrates on the road when you’re driving it, making it easier for all the tiny fasteners to become loose and fall off and even that much more important for you to check them both before and throughout your long drive.

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