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How to Choose the Right Gasket

Choosing the right gasket for your classic motorcycle is important. A gasket is vital to preventing the escape of air or fluids depending on the part in question. It allows two machine parts to better fit together, despite any imperfections. No matter how careful you are with your bike, gaskets can still fail. Time, overheating or other engine problems can lead to gasket failure. If not replaced … [Read more...]

Do Gaskets Really Need To Be Replaced?

One of our most common questions is how do I know if I have to replace my gasket? A good question, it is important that you are aware of if and when to change your gasket to avoid permanent damage to your engine and its parts. While the most concerning gasket for most is the head gasket, other gaskets also play an important role in the way your engine runs. From the carburetor to the crankcase … [Read more...]

Get Custom and Hard to Find Gaskets from Gasket King

Gaskets are an essential part of any engine. A seal meant to fill a space between two "joined" objects while under compression, the seals prevent fluids from leaking, maintaining the integrity of the engine and all of its components. Even if a part doesn't fit perfectly with another, any gaps and small imperfections are filled with the correct sized gasket. When it comes to the gaskets in your … [Read more...]

Cafe Racer Magazine

Cafe Racer Magazine is your complete, bimonthly guide to cafe racers, classics, hybrids, British iron, specials, streetfighters and other high-performance bikes. The latest issue of Cafe Racer Magazine is available. Check it out by clicking on the image below. … [Read more...]

Gasket King Launches New Website

Gasket King is proud to announce the launch of its new, updated website at The site features streamlined products, as well as contact information for the company. The site also includes an extensive online store. “The new is a great way for the community to see Gasket King offers thousands of high quality gaskets that exceed all OEM specs.” said Jason … [Read more...]

Gasket King prides itself on shipping to customers in a timely manner but please be aware that packages sent through USPS may require more time to be delivered.  Read More