How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft
If you own nice things, like a motorcycle, chances are there is someone jealous or malicious enough out there willing to steal it so that they can have a good time at your expense. Though you cannot always keep theft from happening, there are measures you can take to actively prevent it from happening to you. Here are a few tips on how to prevent motorcycle theft.

Keep it Out of Sight

Keeping your bike under wraps, literally, can help deter potential thieves from stealing it. After all, taking something like a motorcycle requires some risky work, and interested thieves are less likely to waste their effort if they can’t even tell if your bike is brand new or falling apart. Keep it in a garage when possible or under a special cover when left out in order to ensure that no one is tempted to take it for a joy ride and never bring it back.

Steering Head Locks

Most bikes now come built with steering head locks to deter potential thieves by making it impossible to straighten out the handlebars. This is obviously not a guarantee against theft, but it does at least add that little bit of extra protection that may or may not save your bike from sticky fingers later on.

Avoid Parking in Dark Spaces

Whether you’re at home or out in the city, parking underneath a light source is the number one way to keep shadow stalkers from creeping up on your bike, unnoticed. It’s much easier to take something if it is seemingly hidden away from view, so make sure you’re bike is always parked somewhere brightly lit and clearly visible to someone else.

Kill Switch

For those who have a little bit more mechanical knowledge, a hidden kill switch can be used to prevent anyone from using your bike unless it’s on, like a second key. Only experienced mechanics should attempt this method, as cutting the wrong wire could compromise the integrity of your entire bike. However, if done right, this method can deter even the most persistent thieves. After all, no one wants to steal a motorcycle that doesn’t work.

Lock it Up

The most effective and recommended way to ensure the safety of your bike is to always keep it appropriately locked up when it is not in use. U-locks or steel chains will keep any thieves from even approaching your bike, knowing that it will take much longer to get it free and it will be much more obvious to passersby.

You can never fully prevent someone from taking something that belongs to you, but hopefully by utilizing any or all of these tips, you are more prepared for keeping your motorcycle out the hands of thieves everywhere.

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