Yamaha YZ250 Gaskets-1982


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Yamaha YZ250 Gaskets-1982

The best way to service your vintage Yamaha is to use high quality parts, including your engine gaskets. When you buy gaskets from Gasket King, you can be sure you are getting quality and value. Gasket King is here to help keep the classics alive by producing our gaskets from the highest quality composite fiber material available which meet or exceed OEM specs.

Yamaha YZ250 Gaskets – 1982 include:

  • Crankcase Cover – part# 5X5-15451-00
  • Crankcase Cover 3 – part# 5X5-15462-00
  • Cylinder Base – part# 5X5-11351-00
  • Exhaust Pipe – part# 3R4-14613-00
  • Holder – part# 5X5-1131N-00
  • Housing Cover – part# 5X5-12428-00
  • Power Valve – part# 5X5-11993-10
  • Valve Seat – part# 80L-13621-01


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