Honda XL350 Gaskets -1974


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Honda XL350 Gaskets – 1974 all new from Gasket King

The best way to protect your Honda XL350 is by ensuring the parts you use are the best ones. The same can be said for the gaskets you use. When you buy your gaskets from Gasket King, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you order. The parts are important when it comes to the classics. If you have a 1974 Honda XL350, our Honda XL350 Gaskets are all new, high quality composite fiber material which meet or exceed OEM specs, so you can be sure that they will fit just like new.

Our Honda XL350 Gaskets fit:

Years: 1974

Gasket Kit Includes:

1 – Contact Breaker Cover – 30372-329-000

1 – Cylinder Base – 12191-356-000

1 – L. Crankcase – 11395-329-000

1 – R. Crankcase – 11394-356-000